Stain Treatment


Stain Treatment

What is stain Treatment? Stain treatment is a treatment for removing stains from skin for various reasons (such as sun, mistreated treatments, poor makeup, various chemicals). Melanin is the substance that gives our skin color. Skin stains are found in areas where melan concentrates above normal. It can be caused by various causes for melaneous to collect abnormally high quantities and form skin stains in certain areas. Some of these stains can be observed from birth. Some of the skin spots are caused by age progression, while some of them are caused by damage to the skin of the sun.

How to treat stains? Op. Dr. Muammer Kaya has his own special treatment methods that we treat our patients. We continue to follow new practices and apply the methods of stain treatment that we trust in the outcome. How the stain treatment will be applied and its duration may vary depending on the depth of the stain and how dark it is. Our goal in stain treatment is not only to remove stains, but to make the skin look crisp and shiny with vitamin and mineral support after the skin stain has disappeared. Who does stain Treatment apply to? Stain treatment can be applied to anyone who needs a healthier skin appearance.

How Should Stain Treatment Be Done? Stain treatment should be done so that the formed spots do not become permanent. Spotting on the skin, especially in the summer period, should be treated in the autumn months so that it does not persist. What season should stain Treatment be performed? Since it will be applied according to the depth of your stains, some treatment methods are not performed in the summer season.

Is There Any Pain After Stain Treatment? No pain is observed after treatment of stains.