Thulium Laser


Thulium Lazer

Stains on the skin are one of the body's protection measures. The skin secretes melanin in order to protect itself from the environment it is exposed to (sun, poor quality make-up materials, harmful chemicals, etc.). Thus, the skin protects itself, but due to the melanin it secretes, stains occur on the skin. Thulium laser stain treatment is the only and most effective stain treatment method in Manavgat. What is stain Treatment with the Thulium Laser? Thulium laser; It is the most effective method used in the removal of sunspots, age spots, melasma and irregular shaped darkening of color which is difficult to treat. Also known as smart laser, BB laser, lavieen laser, thulium laser. How is the Thulium Laser stain Treatment process? Thulium laser treatment is easy to implement. After applying local anesthesia cream, the laser process begins. During the Thulium laser process, some pain and a slight burning sensation can be felt. Small shells may occur in the application areas, as brown dots. These shells must never be removed after treatment. What Should Be Considered After Thulium Laser Spot Treatment? After Thulium laser treatment, slight redness may be seen on the skin. Following the advice of our doctor after the Thulium laser spot treatment operation affects the success positively. Do not remove the small shells from the post-treatment, but do not rub or erode the treated area. Thulium laser spot treatment process varies from person to person. While the effects are seen very quickly in some stains, partial effects are observed in some stains.