Nasolabial Filler


Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial filler can be applied to individuals facing deep wrinkles, lines, and hollowing in the area known as the nasolabial region, extending from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The sinking of the cheeks accentuates wrinkles and deepening in the nasolabial region. Nasolabial filler is especially recommended for individuals experiencing both of these conditions, as long as there is no contraindicating medical condition, and it can be applied to individuals of all ages.

The lines, also known as laugh lines, between the nose and the mouth become more pronounced, especially with advancing age. These lines remain visible even when we're not smiling. Some individuals may encounter this issue at an earlier stage depending on the shape of their face and skin structure. Surgical procedures are carried out to correct nasolabial lines, and various filler and fat injection methods are used to conceal these lines.

In some cases, tissue loss may not be limited to nasolabial folds but may also occur in the cheeks, often seen in individuals who have lost weight. In such cases, it's better to support the nasal area with the cheek and cheekbone area. In these situations, nasolabial application alone may not be sufficient.

The balance of the face can also be disrupted. Therefore, it is essential to distribute the filler in this area evenly to balance the surface rather than just from above. Nasolabial fillers are a type of treatment applied by injection to the skin to address wrinkles on the face.

Deep wrinkles and normal wrinkles in the treated area will become smoother. The injected liquid into the skin stimulates collagen production, which decreases with age.