Hair Strengthening


Hair Strengthening (PRP and Mesotherapy)

Hair loss is commonly associated with men, but it's actually a quite distressing issue that is frequently observed in women as well. Hair loss can occur for various reasons, including hormonal, genetic, stress, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies, as well as chemical substances like hair dyes. If a specific cause is identified, treatment is directed toward it. However, unfortunately, in most cases, research does not reveal a specific cause. In such cases, treatments aimed at strengthening the hair are applied. There are numerous medications and shampoos available that can be taken orally or applied to the hair to strengthen the hair. When these medications are used regularly, they can reduce hair loss by providing the nutrients needed for the nourishment and strengthening of the hair.

Another treatment used to strengthen hair roots is the injection of specially prepared hair cocktails into the hair follicles. These cocktails have a rich content that provides nourishment and strength to the hair. Injections are made into the scalp at regular intervals.

Another method is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy. It involves isolating platelet cells from the person's own blood and injecting them into the hair follicles. Growth hormones released from the granules within the platelets initiate a repair process in the area they are given. The combination of these two treatments (Cocktails and PRP) is a highly preferred and beneficial therapy.

Hair mesotherapy is applied in cases of male or female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies and hormonal changes, hair loss resulting from any medical condition, or when hair follicles lose due to environmental factors. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that involves the direct injection of small doses of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed by the hair follicles into the target area. It is, in fact, a treatment that stimulates the natural renewal processes of hair follicles. Hair mesotherapy is performed to revive weakened and falling hair follicles due to adverse conditions. It is an application that is prominent as an anti-aging treatment, as it allows for the reversal or prevention of many unfavorable changes.