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Op. Dr. Muammer Kaya

Born in Ardahan in 1974. Graduated from Erzurum High School in 1991. He completed Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 1999. He received general surgical expertise in Haseki Training and Research Hospital in 2001-2005 and completed his master's degree here. Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy applications in Haseki Training and Research Hospital in 2005.

He was entitled to receive the Endoscopy Certificate, which includes Interventional Endoscopic Applications. He worked as a General Surgery Specialist at Rumeli Hospital between 2006-2008 and at Meltem Hospital between 2008-2010 and worked for the specified periods. He left her job at Meltem Hospital, where he worked, to join the Organ Transplant Team. He took part in the Kidney Transplant Team as a General Surgery Specialist at JFK Hospital in 2010 and at Istanbul Medicana Çamlıca Hospital in 2011, and worked on 180 cases by attending Kidney Transplant Training at the hospitals he worked during these years. He worked as a General Surgeon Specialist at Private Ağrı Yaşam Hospital in 2012 and at Ağrı State Hospital in 2017. He is currently serving in his own clinic in Antalya Manavgat.

Professional Experience

  • 03.2017 Ağrı State Hospital General Surgery Specialist
  • 05.2012 Private Ağrı Yaşam Hospital, General Surgery Specialist
  • 07.2011 Istanbul Medicana Çamlıca Hospital Kidney Transplant Team
  • 03.2010 JFK Hospital General Surgery Specialist. and Kidney Transplant Team
  • 08.2008-03.2010 Meltem Hospital

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