Non-Surgical Mole Removal Treatment (Mole Removal with Plasma Pen)

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  • Non-Surgical Mole Removal Treatment (Mole Removal with Plasma Pen)

Non-Surgical Mole Removal Treatment (Mole Removal with Plexr)

Mole removal with Plexr is a non-surgical and non-invasive aesthetic solution. This method involves plasma cotterization for the removal of benign moles or skin lesions, eliminating the need for post-removal histopathological examination.

Benign moles that are not deeply embedded in the skin and are not overly large can be treated using the Plexr mole removal method. A dermatologist should determine if a mole is suitable for removal with Plexr. Sometimes, a physical examination is sufficient, while in other cases, dermatoscopic examination may be required. Moles that are determined to be benign through physical and dermatoscopic examinations and do not pose any risk can be easily and scarlessly removed using Plasma Cotter Plexr.

Is there a scar after mole removal with the Plasma Pen?

In the Plasma Pen application, the device's tip is gently moved over the mole. Since the device does not penetrate the skin's dermal layers, only a thin layer in the treated area is vaporized.

The vaporization process continues until reaching the clean area where the mole's tissue has disappeared. As the wound scabs and the scab naturally falls off within a few days, there is no scar left after the Plasma Pen application. Consequently, you can achieve smooth and mole-free skin without any visible scarring.